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July 28th, 2010

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Had a chat several times with couple of my friends recently about serials. If a movie has 4-5 parts, are we talking about a serial? The difference between productions can be 1-3 years. Is it a serial? Come on, it’s not. A serial contains minimum 6 episodes per year each isn’t longer than one hour. Some of my pals claim that serial addiction is bad but of course they are watching tv or at least the tv is turned on and making some background noise. Think about, you are sitting 1 hour minimum everyday front of the tv. I think it doesn’t matter whether you watch some stupid local show (news, old movies) or serials. A serial has usually 22 episodes per year. The show starts in October and finishes in May-June. Other serials start in June-July and ends in October-November. If we follow 8 serials a year, 8 x 22 episodes, 176 episodes a year, we spend half of the year front of the tv. But only 45 minutes (or even less in case of many shows) per day. It’s not much and you are not losing time and at least you are having fun and you are excited about the next episode after a huge cliffhanger. It’s a fad or bad habit? I don’t think so. I truly believe that serial addiction is a fallacy. If there is no show you like, you simple don’t watch it. If you just sit and watch tv couple of hours per day meanwhile you could do different things, now that’s tv addiction. If you are gullible enough to believe everything in the shows, go into solitary. There are many good shows out there which bring you 45 minutes of laugh or thrill. Don’t be shy, just try one, it won’t snap you!

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